Club Handbook

What is this handbook?

This is a live site that is being regularly updated. This handbook has been prepared to assist all stakeholders of ANU Sport Affiliated Clubs (Clubs) in the effective administration and development of clubs. In particular Club executive committee members (including at least the President, Treasurer and Secretary) should read this club handbook in tandem with the ANU Sport Club Affiliation Agreement.

ANU Sport currently has 34 affiliated Clubs, a list of these Clubs can be found here: Clubs are organisations established by individuals who are motivated by a common interest to participate in a specific sport or physical activity. They are formed to provide an opportunity for members to gain new skills, engage in competition and enjoy recreational and social activities. Members in each Club are responsible for managing and conducting their own Club activities. Therefore, the success and strength of Clubs depend on initiative, motivation and leadership of the Club committee and the involvement of Club members. As such, Clubs present a unique opportunity for members to develop both sport and leadership skills.


The Australian National University Sport and Recreation Association Incorporated (ANU Sport) is a not-for-profit organisation that is governed by a volunteer Board. The Chief Executive Officer and staff undertake the administration of ANU Sport and the implementation of the Board decisions. ANU Sport provides many sporting and recreational opportunities to ANU students and the broader community. ANU Sport provides support to Clubs, offers a program of sporting and recreation short courses, provides opportunities for student sport and representative sport, manages the hiring of facilities and manages the fitness service facilities. For more information about ANU Sport, please see website


The ANU Sport Board (Board) consists of the following positions, being in total no less than 6 and no more than 10:

1. 6 positions for elected Board members;

2. Up to 3 positions to be appointed by the Board in its discretion;

3. 1 position to be appointed by the University at its discretion;

The elected members of the ANU Sport Board are members of the Association who have consented in writing to their election and are elected in accordance with the electoral regulations under clause 17.1(b) of the constitution. The Chief Executive Officer may propose motions, talk for or against any motion or any matter before the Board, but does not have a vote. ANU Sport is governed by its constitution, as well as Board Charter.