Active Carrot


ANU Sport can provide Clubs with an online membership portal called Active Carrot. New Club members can purchase their memberships through the ANU Sport portal. The membership money collected through Active Carrot will be distributed by ANU Sport back to the relevant Club on a monthly basis. This may reduce the administrative burden of Clubs managing membership.

Active Carrot is a web module offered by Links Modular Solutions. Active Carrot provides real time connectivity to the Links database. ANU Sport is using Active Carrot to provide clubs with an online membership portal that is a public facing page where new club members can purchase their membership. For clubs that choose to use this service, they will be provided a link to their membership page. All membership payments will be transferred to a holding account and released within the first two weeks of each month. Each club will be shared a google sheet that ANU Sport staff will update on a weekly basis. All payments will be transferred to a holding account and released within the first two weeks of each month.

How your club can join Active Carrot?

If a club is interested in using Active Carrot, the club executive committee members needs to provide the following information to the Club Development Officer (see key contacts):

  1. Costs of each membership category (e.g. Associate (includes Club Affiliation Fee), ANU Student, and ANU Sport Life members)

  2. Whether membership is fixed or rolling. If fixed what is the expiry date.

  3. Current banking/account arrangements and details

  4. Club specific Terms and conditions of membership

Each club will then be given a URL for their dedicated Membership page. Clubs can share this link on their website or other outlets.


It is the club responsibility to update ANU Sport of any changes to memberships.

How much will it cost?

There will be no cost to clubs to use this service. ANU Sport pays a fixed monthly merchant fee.

Active Carrot benefits

  1. Access to an online payment portal will reduce the barrier to payment for potential members

  2. The online registration payment portal will reduce the admin burden on club

    1. Data entered automatically

    2. Money banked automatically

    3. Easier record and book keeping

    4. Membership list updated by ANU Sport

  3. Centralised membership lists will allow for easier reporting between ANU Sport and Clubs

  4. Have a ‘join now’ button on club landing page

Active Carrot limitations

  1. Reporting capabilities are capped. We cannot create custom registration pages, this means online registrations will capture all personal information but will not capture sport specific information such as position, qualifications etc

  2. The module cannot access other databases for cross-reference purposes. This means that anyone can feasibly purchase a student club membership.

  3. Clubs do not have any restricted administration access. If a club requires membership lists to be updated they will have to contact ANU Sport.

  4. Once a membership is created, we cannot change that membership price.

How to refund a club membership

  1. If a members asks for a refund

  2. Check the Active Carrot membership list (google sheet) to ensure they are a member

  3. Refund the member according to your club’s refund policy

  4. Notify the club development officer that this member has been refunded, so a note can be made next to their name *.

  5. *Refunded members will remain on the membership list until ANU Sport has transferred the money owing to the club.


  1. ANU Sport directly refund individuals that have inadvertently purchased a future club membership.

How an individual purchases a membership

  1. If you know the club membership URL, click it. If you do not, find club on club page: and then click: Join Now!

  2. If you have not previously purchased any membership through Active Carrot:

    1. Click radio button for the membership type

    2. Click: Next

    3. Follow the prompts and ignore the below information

  3. If you have previously purchased a membership/visit, and so will have an account with link:

    1. Got to this link

    2. Login:

      1. Type in your username: [your email]

      2. Type in your password: Welcome1

      3. Click: LOGIN

  4. To find memberships:

      1. Click: BUY ONLINE -> MEMBERSHIP

  5. To purchase membership:

    1. Click: BUY

  6. To confirm purchase:

    1. Type: Credit Card Details

    2. Click: Confirm and Pay