Club Grants

ANU Sport has a finite pool of grant money that Clubs can apply for yearly. The total pool of funds allocated to the Clubs each year is decided by the Board on an annual basis.

The ANU Sport Board has agreed with the following recommendations:

  • To match the SSAF Allocation of $100,000.00 to make the total club grant pool for 2020, $200,000.00

  • To split the total pool - 90% to Base Fund $180,000.00 and 10% to Development Fund $20,000.00

This is no longer applicable in 2020


Base Fund is intended to assist clubs with subsidising the operational cost of the club, to ensure membership fees can remain competitive within the community market and maintain a lower price for student memberships.

Opt-in form

If your clubs wants to be a part of the 2020 grants, a member of the executive committee must submit a base fund opt in form by 21Feb20

Grant allocation

Each Club will receive a percentage of the total Base Fund Pool, which will be calculated per-Club based on the percentage of the total pool of funding they have received in the last four years or number of years they have existed. Please see the percentage breakdown of the Base Grant allocation for 2020.

First Payment

If all club requirements have been completed by 22Feb20, clubs will be paid 50% of their Base Fund Grant by the end of Feb. If requirements have not been met, then the grant funds will be held until second grant payment.

Second Payment

If all club requirements have been completed by Dec20, clubs will be paid the remaining 50% of their Base Fund by end of Dec. If requirements have not been met, then the grant funds will be allocated to the development fund and will not longer be accessible to the club.

Please note that due to the impact of COVID-19, the second instalment will Not be paid to Clubs.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the second instalment of the 2020 Base Grant will not be paid. Should Clubs be facing financial stress due to not receiving this payment, the President of the Club must contact ANU Sport via the Sport Manager ( as soon as possible. Please note, any requests for additional support much be submitted prior to 20 of November.

2020 Bonus Facility Grant

To provide additional support to our Affiliated Clubs experiencing financial pressure in 2020 due to the global pandemic, and to align the action from ACT Sportsgrounds, ANU Sport will be offering all Affiliated Clubs a bonus facility grant to assist in subsidising Club facility hire this year.

The Facility Grant pool will be a total of $25,000, and will be split among all Clubs who submit an application. The application process will require Clubs to complete a simple form identifying the total amount they have spent on facility hire in 2020 (split between on-campus and off-campus facilities) and provide evidence in the form of tax invoices of these charges. Club will then receive a portion of the total pool based on the applications received.


Development Fund is intended to provide centralised training and development to all clubs, to improve club operations, governance, financial management, safety and risk management. The Development Fund will not be tied to the Base Grant Funding, but Clubs will still need to meet Affiliation requirements to be a part of the training and development opportunities. ANU Sport will organise a training/workshops and ANU Sport will endeavour to hold these for weeks 3 and 4 of each semester (or as possible based on the availability of training). Newly affiliated clubs may receive some initial financial support from this fund.

Please note that due to the impact of COVID-19, development fund events and activities have been postponed until 2021.

Suggestion form

If your club would like to contribute suggestions for training, and workshop ideas, a member of the executive committee is encouraged to submit a development fund suggestion form by 21Feb20.

All development fund events will be offered through the monthly newsletter.