Level three gym training room


ANU Sport is opening up the use of “level 3” for our club community.

Level is a dedicated Strength & Conditioning Space that includes equipment such as:

  • Number of Plated Squat racks and benches

  • Large selection of dumbbells, kettlebells, and weight bags

  • TRX bands

  • Prowler sled and track

  • Battle Ropes

  • Moderate open space area for cardio/boxing/circuit type activities

There will be two price points for the hire of this space:

  • Option 1 will be hiring the space ONLY. It will be the responsibility of the Club to source their own ASCA certified trainer to monitor the training session.

  • Option 2 will be hiring the space and ANU Sport will provide one of our ASCA certified trainers to lead and monitor the training session.

There will be a maximum capacity on the hiring space, however the cost will remain the same regardless of the number of people training. We would encourage smaller clubs to co-train in the space to ensure the most cost efficient use of the space. Additional details including the exact price point for each hiring option, maximum capacity and availability of times will be confirmed by the end of January. At this stage, we would ask any interested Club to provide an expression of interest to Paul Hooper (paul.hooper@anu-sport.com.au) including the club name, number of participants likely to attend each session, and suggested days and times you would want to train. This will enable us to provide a more detailed update in the new year.