Facility hire

Yearly facility booking procedure

  • Before the end of each year an ANU Sport representative will contact Club executive committee members to accept each club’s booking requests for the following year. This is usually done by the Client Services Coordinator, and is usually sent out in September or October.

  • Affiliated Clubs are given priority to facilities throughout the establishment of the yearly calendar, where possible.

  • Clubs will be given a deadline to submit their yearly request. If the request is provided after this deadline, priority or availability of the facilities requested cannot be guaranteed. Late submissions may result in Clubs needing to request timeslots based on remaining availability.

  • An alternative booking time/s must be provided in each Club's request, failure to do so will mean the request will not be processed.

  • Facility hire timeslots are provided in half hour increments commencing on the hour or half past the hour. Requests outside these allotted time periods will not be accepted.

  • Requests are not confirmed bookings. Each Club must await a formal confirmation of the following year's bookings prior to commencing their use of the facilities.

  • Prices for each club’s recurring bookings will be confirmed each year in their confirmation email. The prices are based from our facility price guide online.

  • All Clubs must provide 1 weeks’ notice for any cancellations or changes. Failure to provide the relevant notice means the Club will still be charged for the booking.

  • All Clubs must adhere to our booking conditions outlined online https://www.anu-sport.com.au/facilities/terms-conditions