G Suite is a web portal accessed by email (username) and password. G-suite has a number of services such as secure file storage and email. ANU Sport has a G-Suite account with each affiliated Club added as a user. This is to assist with club administration and communication. Used in the right way these services can be very powerful and reduced club administration greatly.

If you have never used Google services, there is comprehensive documentation about Google products online, so you are encouraged to 'Google' how do do certain things. Alternatively, you can book in a session with the club development officer. Below is a quick guide for using your club's Google account.

How to Login to your club's G-suite account

  1. On your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox) go to

  2. Click 'Sign in' top left

  3. Enter email (e.g. and click 'Next'

  4. Enter password and click 'Next' (you can have your password updated by the Club Development Office).

How to update login details

As there is a huge turnover in committee members, passwords can get lost. ANU Sport is able to update club's passwords when requested.

Login challenge questions

If Google suspects that an unauthorized person is trying to access a user's account, they present them with extra security questions or challenges (see This is an important security feature, however it can be a challenge. As multiple committee members try to log into the one G-suite user account as it can cause the system to suspect suspicious activity. If your club is experiencing this issue, please contact the club development officer.

Here are the options to resolve this:

  1. Allow only one committee member (e.g. Secretary) to manage the Google account.

  2. Use employee ID as login challenge. ANU Sport can add an employee ID to your account (see and make this the login challenge (see This is not a silver bullet as if the system detects unusual activity, it may request other login challenges.

  3. As a final resort, ANU Sport can share documents to specific committee members’ personal google accounts (see and/or delegate Gmail access (

How to reach Gmail (Email Service)

  1. Once you are logged in go to

  2. Click the 'bento' menu icon (3x3 9-dot icon in top right corner)

  3. Click 'Gmail'

How to automatically forward Gmail messages to another account

  1. In the 'Gmail', click the setting button (Gear Icon in top right corner)

  2. Forwarding and POP/IMAP

  3. Add a forwarding address

How to reach file stored on G-Drive (file storage)

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization services. It allows you to store files, synchronize files across devices, and share files to other users.

  1. Once you are logged in go to

  2. Click the 'bento' menu icon (3x3 9-dot icon in top right corner)

  3. Click 'Drive' and you will see your account folder and files.

How to create a folder/file

There are a number of ways to create a file or folder, here is one way:

  1. In the 'Drive' right click in the folder/file display area (your cursor cannot be on a file or folder)

  2. A menu will appear, click either 'New folder' or one of the file types.

What are the types of files Type of files

There are a number of different useful file types .

  • Docs - is a word processor

  • Sheets - is a spreadsheet

  • Forms - is a survey administration app. Responses can be exported to a Sheet

  • Sites - structured Website creation tool. This website is build using Sites. Please get in touch with club development officer if your club would like to use Sites.

How to upload a file

Google Drive can store other documents (e.g. Word, Pdf, Excel, etc). Please note that you cannot edit these files (however for some they can be converted to a Google file)

  1. In the 'Drive' drag and drop the file over the folder/file display area.


  1. In the 'Drive' right click in the folder/file display area (your cursor cannot be on a file or folder)

  2. A menu will appear, click either 'Upload files' and select file from computer to upload.

To upload these documents you can

How to share a folder/file

A fantastic feature offered by Google is the ability to share files and folders (if you share a folder you share all its sub folders and files).

  1. In the 'Drive' right click the folder/file you want to share (your cursor must be on the file or folder)

  2. A menu will appear, click 'Share'

  3. In bottom write corner click 'Advanced'

  4. Added sharing changes and click save

You can share a file by either sending a 'link' or by adding their google account email address.

For files these are the following share option for files: Can View, Can Comment, or Can Edit.

How to manage version control to keep the same link

Google offers easy to use file version control. For example your club's constitution is stored on the G-drive as a pdf (so cannot be edited). The constitution has been shared via a unique link to all your members and is online. Your club has a general meeting and makes some amendments to your constitution. So you want to update the constitution but keep the same link.

  1. In the 'Drive' right click the file you want to update

  2. A menu will appear, click 'Manage versions'

  3. Click 'Upload new version'

  4. Select the updated file


As the G-Drive files are stored on the cloud, you may have some security concerns. Please see the following links to