Market day


Market day is a fantastic opportunity to promote your clubs. Market day is held on the ANU campus during the ANU's Orientation Week (the week before ANU's first semester begins) and again during ANU's Bush Week (the week before ANU's second semester). During Market Day, affiliated Clubs set up stalls to promote their Club to prospective members. ANU Sport facilitates these two-yearly market days in collaboration with ANUSA's clubs and societies.


Before each Market day, ANU Sport will sent out this market day RSVP form. this will be followed by another email with details specific to the day.


Semester one Market day is normally held outside on University Avenue while semester two Market day is normally held in the ANU Sport Halls. Prior to Market day, ANU Sport will give you a map detailing where your club's stall will be set up.


Club set-up normally begins between 8am-10am. On arrival you will go to your allocated location where you will find your trestle table, two chairs and a corflute sign. If you cannot find your table, then talk to an ANU Sport Staff member. Clubs are encouraged to bring promotional material (e.g. flyers, tape/blue tac). If outdoors, it is important that you bring water, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses.

During the day

It is expected that all club have at least two representatives at the stall at all times. It is highly recommended that you record expressions of interest electronically during the day.

Pack down

Before your club leaves, you will need to clean up any rubbish, and pack down table, and stack chairs.

Large Items

If you have something large being brought in (e.g. boat), you will need to come early, around 7:00am. Please let us know so we can assist.