It is very important that you read the information related to membership in the ANU Sport Club Affiliation Agreement and also the ANU Sport Club Constitution clauses 7 - 15.


Following extensive consultation prior to the ANU Sport Constitutional changes, the definition of a Club member is: an individual who actively engages with the sport and / or recreation activity that is provided by the Club on a regular basis, and profits from the benefits that are provided to a Club that is affiliated with ANU Sport (i.e. grants, insurance, club rate facility hire, market day, promotion, etc.). If a club require specific definitions on which positions within a club are included within the definition of a member, please contact the Club Development Officer at ANU Sport.


Club members must fall within one of the following membership three categories:

  1. Student,

  2. Associate and

  3. ANU Sport Life member

See clause 8 of the ANU Sport Club Constitution. Clubs may also provide further sub-categories of their membership (e.g. social, competitive).


Club Affiliation Fee contributes to the cost of grants, insurance, reduced club facility hire, market day, promotion, and ANU Sport administration.

For 2020, the ANU Sport Club Affiliation Fee (CAF) is $120. This fee must be embedded into the membership price of Associate Members. As clubs report their members (esp. associate members), ANU Sport will keep track of the CAF collected by the club and at the end of each month the club will be invoiced for the accrued CAF.


Clubs are required to report their members to ANU Sport. Each club has a UniOne portal. This portal is used to report club membership purchases to ANU Sport and the club. If you cannot find this portal, please contact the Club Development Officer. Please note, not all committee members will have access to the portal.


If ANU Sport has reason to believe that the reported admission details of an individual are incorrect, ANU Sport may email the club or member directly to ask for further proof/verification.

ANU Student

ANU Student have access to an enrolment confirmation letter. This can be found in the following way:

  1. Log into ANU ISIS

  2. select the compass in the top right

  3. select navigator

  4. select ISIS

  5. select academic records

  6. select letters

  7. view enrolment confirmation letter

Alumni of the University

ANU has an online graduate search function. The function can be used to search for graduates of ANU. The required fields needed to search are: Name, Year, (Coursework award or Research award).

A graduate of a registered higher education provided listed on the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency’s National Register or any successor body recognised by the University

Request that the individual sends through their certificate of graduation.

Staff of the University

Staff members response via an email account.

Staff of other organisations whose place of employment is at the University campus within the Australian Capital Territory

Request that the individual provides the name of the organisation, its location and letter of engagement.

Club Coaches

Confirm via email with a club committee member that this individual is a coach of their club.

Someone whom

Obtain their written statement

Life Member

ANU Sport has a registrar of ANU Sport Life Members.


If a member is incorrectly reported. ANU Sport will

If a Student is reported as an Associate member,

  1. Club notifies ANU Sport.

  2. ANU Sport will refund the Club Affiliation Fee to the Club and make a note.

  3. It is then the responsibility of the Club to refund the individual the CAF and difference in membership fee.

If an Associate is reported as an Student or Life member

  1. ANU Sport will email both the Club and individual.

  2. Club will either obtain the CAF and the difference in membership or cancel the membership without a refund.

  3. If the membership is not cancelled, ANU Sport will invoice the club for the owing CAF.

  4. ANU Sport will make a note in the monthly membership report.


If an associate member joins more than one Club, ANU Sport will reimburse the ANU Sport Club affiliation fee at the rate of $10/month for the overlap in these Club memberships. The individual must simply submit an ANU Sport Club Affiliation Reimbursement Form.


Before a refund is processed clubs must consult their refund policy.

Refunding Associate Members

  1. Club informs ANU Sport

  2. Club refunds individual club membership portion only.

  3. For an individual to be refunded their Club Affiliation Fee, they need to submit an ANU Sport Club Affiliation Refund Request Form to ANU Sport.

  4. ANU Sport makes a note in the membership report.

Refunding ANU-Student & ANU Sport Life Members

  1. Club informs ANU Sport

  2. Club refunds individual

  3. ANU Sport makes a note in the membership report.


ANU Sport Affiliated Clubs must be Junior Approved before individuals under 16 years of age can be admitted into their membership. Junior approval lasts a maximum of 12 months.

Clubs seeking to be Junior Approved must submit the following to the Club Development Officer:

  1. ANU Sport Junior Club Form.

  2. WWVP Checks for instructors, coaches, executives and all others who come into contact with the underage individual.

  3. Club’s Junior Member Policy (see template)

Once a club is Junior Approved, persons under the age of 16 can be admitted into membership by submitting an ANU Sport Junior Membership Form.


Clubs must decide whether they will have a fixed or rolling membership. Fixed Membership starts and stops at the date specified regardless of when the members join (e.g. from 1-Jan to 31-Dec). Rolling membership starts on the date the member joins and continues for 12 months.


Club decide on the prices of Club memberships with ANU Sport Club Affiliation Fee added to the Non-ANU Student membership fee. Clubs must charge a minimum of $50 for ANU Student memberships and a minimum of $75 for Non-ANU Students memberships, and a minimum of $20 more for Non-ANU Student Members. Clubs may waiver the club membership fee not the ANU Sport Club Affiliation Fee of five members who the club believe are significant contributors to the club.

The decision for the difference in the membership between ANU Student's and Associate students was to ensure that we remain a student focused organisation, prioritising the accessibility of students to access our clubs at a reduced rate. The difference in fee appears significantly higher for non-students, but it must be remembered that students have paid SSAF and are subsidies through other support form the University.


Club can have individuals participate in club activities for three weeks before become a financial member.